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Children are given opportunties to engage in high-energy activities which provide an engaging alternative to street life

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A joyful send-off for the Director as he leaves for his fundraising cycle tour from London to Paris, May 2018

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Boys play soccer for fun, but some teams play in tournaments at local and higher levels.

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Beach volleyball draws kids off the streets to wholesome play.

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Surfing was the first sport uMthombo made available for boys and girls on the streets of Durban. Now a variety of sports is offered.

Girls soccer

Girls and young women are drawn in through sports activities and attend weekly meet-ups

Prevention Kwa Dabeka

Prevention work involves partnering with local community based stakeholders - uMthombo supported a rural community children's sports day

Cycle Tour Paris

uMthombo's Director, Mpendulo Nyembe joined cyclists from all over the world to raise funds through Amos Trust by cycling from London to the Eiffel Tower in Paris in 4 days.

16 Days of Activism Against Women & Children Abuse 2019 Campaign

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Welcome to uMthombo Street Children SA

Alternatives to Street Life

umthombo_logo_sml.jpguMthombo Street Children is a South African Non-Profit organisation committed to leading street-connected children and youth out of street life towards alternatives, through sports and other carefully constructed activities. In many cases, this means reintegration back into their communities with appropriate family preparation and support. Where families are too fragmented or dysfunctional, uMthombo prepares youth for living productive independent lives. There are no quick fixes due to multiple trauma, but street-connected children and youth can and do transform their lives. uMthombo follows a carefully constructed multi-pronged strategy that has had long-term impacts on many young people's lives. 

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 uMthombo Campaign

 #uMthombouBuntuCampaign - Click here to see a summary of where we have been involved.


Warm Winter Campaign

uMthombo is proud to continue to help those who are truly in need. The COVID 19 pandemic & Lockdown has left many families, communities and the most vulnerable in compromising situations.

As part of the COVID 19 relief efforts, uMthombo donated 45 blankets to COGTA in support of their Warm Winter Campaign. The blanket donations were distributed in eThekwini Municipality Wards 4 & 42. uMthombo & COGTA- (Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs) Provincial Department, have been collaborating to bring about relief to communities and individuals who are in distress. In the beginning of winter months, we also distributed 100 blankets to street-connected individuals in derelict buildings, assisted by our partner organisation Domino Foundation. In total 145 blankets were distributed in this strangely cold winter in Durban.

Even though we are now in “Advanced Level 3” Lockdown, we encourage individuals and companies to be advocates of change to this crisis. uMthombo will be gladly welcome any form of support in reaching out to less fortunate compatriots.

Together, we can overcome COVID 19 by taking all necessary precautions and acting responsibly.


uMthombo News


How we help children and youth imagine 
and work towards achieving alternatives to street life.


Interventions for Durban’s Street Children & Youth

Outreach through sports and psycho-social support, helping street-connected children and youth to heal from trauma, rebuild confidence and hope, and to develop self-discipline and set positive life goals.


Interventions towards Reintegration:  

Assessment of family situations and where possible prepare for reintegration; crisis family support and/or referral to specialist support as needed. 
Reintegration - Return or new placement into direct or extended family were appropriate and safe, or preparation for independent living. 
Aftercare – monitoring and support of child/youth and family after reintegration.


Community Development and Prevention in townships surrounding Durban.

Capacity support for community stakeholders (CBOs, schools, churches, municipal structures) as they collaborate to build community-wide multi-sectoral support systems and advocacy campaigns, to prevent children and youth at risk being lost to drugs and the streets. (Building community safety nets.)


Advocacy and Campaigns

Joint advocacy for improved laws and policies that challenge stigmatisation of street-connected children and youth, and call on relevant authorities to put in place measures to address their needs and support other stakeholders who do. 

Campaign 2018-19: ‘It takes a village to raise a child’