COVID 19 Development Work Interventions

The week of the 27th April – 3rd May 2020, uMthombo engaged with 3 eThekwini Municipality Wards (4, 14 & 42) distributing food parcels to 436 beneficiaries as part of the our Community Awareness & Prevention Programme.

Families identified were in social distress of which many are comprised of child headed households, unemployed youth & adults, sickly elderly citizens and those who are not receiving any form of social grants due to varying reasons.

There was a huge outcry in one of the wards for food parcels assistance, where about 100 individuals expressed their frustrations. A list was drafted with names and contact details so they can be prioritized moving forward.

These families fall under uMthombo community interventions with many classified as having At-Risk children & youth who might be susceptible to homelessness. Providing psychosocial support will enable the families to manage the negative socio-economic impact that is imposed by the current pandemic.

Your support and encouragment is so much appreciated during this time.

The journey continues…


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