Defending the Rights of the most marginalised against Illegal Evictions

As the country prepared to move to level 3 of the National Lockdown, we continued engaging with the street-connected population. There have been great highlights which gave hope during our Outreach sessions but there were also disturbing actions conducted by individuals who are opportunistic. A certain man named “Melvin”, accompanied by a private security company (Boss Security) came in full force to evict the occupants in one of the derelict buildings, without any legal documentation.

Our team together with the local South African Police Services as well as some community members, defended the rights of those most vulnerable. Without hesitation, a full account to these claims was demanded and “Melvin” and his cronies left, promising to come back with legal documents.

Thank you to our friends and partners for the support & love you continue showing to the organisation and our work during this period of COVID 19.


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