uMthombo Christmas Prayer Service

uMthombo Christmas Prayer Service

Christmas Prayer Service dedicated to street-connected children & youth

As an organization we will highly appreciate your presence in reaching out to our street-connected children & youth during this Christmas Prayer Service. As we celebrate the birth of our Savior, let’s join hands in dedicating the reawakening of our most vulnerable children & youth who find themselves stranded in the streets of our City.

Donations to prepare a Christmas meal and any gifts for the children and youth will be highly appreciated. (gifts can include sanitary pads, toiletries & nappies)

Over the past 09 months we have actively engaged with 220 children & youth from the ages of 05 months – 25 years. To date, 23 successfully reintegrated in the same 09 months, 70 of the children & youth are still receiving continuous support to date, 35 in our After Care and 92 are work in progress cases.

The expected number to attend the Christmas Prayer Service is a maximum of 40 children & youth and 25 babies & toddlers. MRMC soup kitchen recipients are also invited, expected number will be 80.

The prayer service will be led by -:

Guest Preacher: Natal Coastal District Bishop - Rev Linda Mandindi -Date: 08-12-2019 - Time: 11:30am - Venue: Manning Road Methodist Church